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To the point: I am sad that so many people pick up music to release them from financial burdens instead of its original purpose; to express emotion and thought through sound.

>'Get rich or die trying'< << The most pathetic garbage I ever heard.

As much as an artist expresses thought and emotion through paint, musicians do it through instruments.

What makes me sad in particular is how this beauty has been raped by greed, lust, and envy.

Are you struggling because you can't figure out how to make that song or invention that will make you magically super mega rich? What is your purpose for making music at all? To get rich and famous?

Tell me, have you ever cried listening to Ludwig von Beethoven? If not then you don't understand. You don't understand what kind of dedication it took to create that music. More so if you think about the time period.

Stop chasing money and start chasing your heart.

Sure, you can continue following the trail of breadcrumbs the corporations you dream to be a part of give you, but in the end, they won't give up what they are sitting on. They give you the tip, they keep the rest of the iceberg. Get the analogy?

If you want to 'make it' then chase your dreams, not the gold or the woman.

It's difficult being good at anything, but you get what back what you put in.
Hey man, releasing yourself from financial burdens through music is in and of itself expressing emotion. After all, it's our emotions that excite the desire to overcome those burdens. ;P

Personally, yes, I want to be rich. I want to be, to some extent, famous. And I'd love to be able to do it through music. On the other hand, I'd want it to happen because my music is great, amazing, and a part of me -- not because it's what everyone wants to hear.

It's important to consider your audience, but it's up to us as individuals to decide whether our music is for one particular audience, or just generally whoever the **** will listen to our musical rants -- for better or worse.
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"[...] or the woman."

I missed that part, and let me say: chasing tail is a valid excuse to forgo true musical creativity. Just... don't make us listen to it. Write it for her and her alone.
I've been struggling with this recently. I'm a junior in high school and I'm trying to keep my options open when it comes to college. I have the potential, if I put my mind to it, to go to a rather prestigious school and major in something like engineering. Right out of college I'd be making at least a comfortable living.

However, the thought of giving up music as anything more than a hobby to pursue something which I have absolutely no passion for, simply for financial reasons, really bothers me.

I've pretty much decided though, that I'd rather major in music, and struggle every day to find gigs or a decent paying job, doing something I love more than anything, than sit in a cubicle from 9-5 making a solid living, doing something I have no passion for.

That was at least partially related to the topic.
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food1010, I had the same scenario and ended up pursuing an engineering degree... I went to a prestigious school in Colorado specifically for engineering and quit after 2 years because I realized it wasn't even close to what I wanted to do with my life so cheers for following your passion.

And to TS, I agree, but the sad thing is that most people who don't play music like us just don't care enough. They are fine listening to whatever mainstream radio throws at them, because it's filler for the void of silence, and just catchy enough to be memorable for a play or two. It's unfortunate, because then shitty bands with trite lyrics and even more tired musical material make it to the top because the average listener isn't enough of an audiophile to find something they truly like instead of something they'll accept. However, the internet is providing great promise for most new bands because the labels are losing their control of the industry... which is just ****ing stellar. It leaves room for artists to be promoted by the quality of their art, NOT the size of their marketing budget. I hate people pursuing music solely for the perks you listed--greed, lust, fame--but the internet will hopefully open some ignorant minds to the fact that there is a myriad of great music out there if you take the time to find it.
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