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At the moment I have an un-modded Ibanez Gio GSA 60, which has a basic tremelo, I am looking to replace this with a floyd rose, however I am not good at handiwork, so:

1. If I don't supply the parts how much should it cost at a guitar shop.


2. If I supplied the parts, (ie. http://www.suntekstore.co.uk/Electronic-Guitar-Tremolo-Bridge-Double-Locking-System.html) how much should just the labour cost?
oh dear...a trem for £12 ! thats gonna be awful...i real floyd rose costs about £200 so how much quality do u think ull get for £12
lmao why would you down grade your guitar to a £12 trem?

The labour will cost more than the trem, you are looking at £100 + for labour.

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