So i found this crate blue voodoo amp head on craigslist for 300. Which sounds like a very good price. And ive heard alot of good things about this head as well.
When i called the guy up he told me he bought it new 2001.
Does anyone know how long these heads last?
9 years seems old to a gear nub like me...

or more generally, how long does the typical amp head last?
Thats what i figured, but i can never be to sure lol.
All i needed to know thanks!
I have a blue voodoo from 1995. The pots have slightly crapped out, but otherwise its all going fine. I've heard some horror stories about bits of them blowing up, but thats due to my 'tube nube' theory. Basically, Gigging musicians replace their solid state marshall MG100s with big cheap tube amps like bugera 333s or blue voodoos and they fail to do the proper checks and run them into the ground after a year. Even though I'm young, I've taken it upon myself to learn about tubes and electronics.
My solidstate Peavey Bandit is 25 years old and works great.
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