On the video of Andy McKee playing his song "Rylynn" (which is viewable on YouTube), he is playing what appears to be a conventional acoustic guitar, so I assume that the back of the guitar's neck is rounded. He is using a capo, but only on strings 3 through 6, leaving strings 1 and 2 uncapoed. The capo he's using looks exactly like my Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-String guitar, which "pinches" the neck by means of a built-in spring.

I bought the tab for this song from Andy's website, and I'm trying to play this song, using my capo on my guitar (which has a conventional rounded neck). But when I put the capo on the guitar, in order for it to press down only on strings 3 through 6, it has to be offset laterally (relative to the length of the neck) from the position it would be in order to capo all six of the strings. This causes the pinching action of the capo on the rounded neck to make the capo slide somewhat towards the side of the neck from which it was mounted. Of course, the capo drags the capoed strings with it, stretching them slightly and thereby raising their pitches, putting the guitar out of tune.

Am I using the wrong capo? Or do I have to tune strings 3 through 6 down slightly before mounting the capo in order to make this work? Or could Andy possibly be playing a guitar that doesn’t have a conventional rounded neck?
It sounds like it may be the wrong capo, though I'm not sure what capo Mckee uses. Good luck on the song, as well, it's really good.
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I'd suggest getting a cheap capo (one of the black ones everyone has) and saw it off. Make a little stubby capo...
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I'm pretty sure you can even do that with a dunlop trigger capo and not have to saw anything off.
Saw it off? No, the bottom part of the pincher (the part that goes behind the neck) isn't too long, it's too short. Maybe it's longer on the 12-string-guitar version of the same capo. I'll look into that.
use this-

edit: sorry the capo above is for 3 and not 4 strings

or this if you want to spend a bit more, and be more versatile with your tuning scheme

re-edit- this does the same thing but cheaper

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