I'm selling a Marshall G15RCD amp, a squire strat in white, and a Boss DS1 distortion pedal. The amp is great for practicing and has had light use and is in great quality. The strat has a few stains but still sounds great(In the pics I included the serial number) and is a couple of years old, it does not currently have any strings on but if you want I can string it. The Boss DS1 has had only a couple of hours of use and I will fit it with brand new batteries if required.

As ar as trades go, I'm not looking for anything in particular but I am open to all reasonable offers.
As for cash, here are the rough prices;

Marshall G15RCD - £110
Squire Strat - £70
Boss DS1 - £55

If you want to buy two items, I will knock off £10 and I will sell all three for £210

Here are the links for the pics.









So, thats the lot, if you're interested, post here or pm me
Hi , im luke, i play guitar
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just saying you may want to lower the amp price, you can get an mg15 for 75 pounds.

because they are fantastic amps...
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because they are fantastic amps...

You're right, the g series is incalculably superior to the mg.

What on earth was I thinking.
meh , it got given to me so i jus kind of guessed a price without looking it up sorry.
In that case ill sell it for something like £20
Hi , im luke, i play guitar