Hey UG

Im currently in a trade where I'm offering my mint ESP HORIZON NT-II for a 1990 custom shop Jackson soloist with custom artwork.

I have no problem with my ESP but I just want a floyd rose, so how fair is the trade ?

Heres are some pictures of the ESP and Jackson

thanks !
well, aside from looks....I think the Jackson would probably cost more. They're both about the same quality. IDK. IMO I think the Jackson USA models are about the same quality as the Custom shop. And ESP makes great guitars as well. If I were you I'd scope out what you could sell the ESP for, as that Jackson's artwork probably really killed the resale value. I don't like it, and I know it's subjective, but you'd have to find somebody who likes it to consider selling it later on down the road if you wanted something Else. It's up to you, but I think you have the better guitar.

EDIT: Also, I'm not a Jackson historian or anything, but every custom shop guitar I've ever seen come out of jackson has "custom shop" on the headstock, and I didn't see that there. Just something to think about.
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Fair trade... even good for you, but the graphic is ugly as Fuck...
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wow if you trade that nice esp for that jackson with the ****ing horrific (not in a good way) paintjob i will prolly eat your firstborn child. also i dont really like trems my first guitar had a fr trem and to this day im happyer with a stop tailpiece imo anyways do watcha want but id keep the esp
its fair.... both are great guitars... even though im not a big whammy bar guitar player
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Ok can we stop sucking this dudes dick and deal with my question?
I dont think that is a custom shop tbh. Isn't it a normal USA Jackson with a custom paintjob? I cant really read what's on the headstock, but if i'm not mistaking, it sais, made in USA, and not custom shop.
Either way, the Jackson is higher value. I wont say that makes it automatically better, it just means it has higher value. So it's a good trade.
Washburn USA Custom Shop
Not all Jackson Customs have the Custom Shop logo on the headstock. I think it's an option on the spec sheet. You have to be careful judging Jacksons by what's written on the headstock. For example, if I recall correctly, the San Dimas era guitars don't have the Made in USA text, because back then all Jacksons were MIA.

The trade is a good one if you like the Jackson. Personally, I love Jackson guitars, but I don't like that graphic. Generally, whether it's a full custom shop or a regular USA model, it will have cost more than the Horizon new, but on the other hand I assume it has had many more years of wear and tear too.

This isn't one of those trades where I will say definitely go for it, or no way, so I suppose in that way it's quite fair. If you think you'd rather have the Jackson it's a good trade.
It doesnt have a serial number on the back of the headstock does that have to do with anything ?
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It doesnt have a serial number on the back of the headstock does that have to do with anything ?

Jacksons don't generally have the serial number on the back of the headstock.
On the neck through models, it's stamped onto the end of the fretboard just past the highest fret, and on the bolt on models it's on the neck plate.
ok thanks for the help everyone artwork to me doesnt really matter, so i might just go ahead and do it