Hi everyone

Im looking for a good rock song to start get better on transcribing.

And i would be very happy if you got some tips for me about transcribing too
I can't recommend any songs in particular, but some tips:

- Practice recognizing intervals (Ear Master is a great program for this)

- Know what these intervals are on the fretboard

- Use Audacity to slow down the song you're trying to transcribe. There's also a 'remove vocals' function. However, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

- If you're using Guitar Pro make sure you know how to count rhythms so you'll have an easier time transcribing them. Good rhythm is important to be a good guitar player (and musician) anyway, so you might as well practice this for the sake of being better.
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I found that site from one of Freepower's lessons on YouTube. It's awesome. The guy is really down to earth and is a great teacher.
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1. pick a song you like
2. make sure you can play the majority of it

If you are struggling pick an easier song, it takes practice, you ain't going to be transcribing dizzie gillespie from trumpet onto a guitar on day 1.

The first songs i transcribed were ones i could already play that i had read from music. It may sound like a stupid thing to do, but it's not really. You have something to check it against AND you get to know the song infinitely better.
Transcribe something hard and even if you do a bad job at it, it will make future songs easier.

One of the first songs I ever tried to transcribe, was the Hotel California, by the Eagles. I wore myself out trying to find those notes, and most of it I got right, and a few I got wrong and knew it....but it made other songs, a cakewalk. Another hard solo to transcribe is Sweet Home Alabama.

When you are done you can pull up the tabs, and compare them to your own. Over the years my ear became better and better from doing this.
Start out with something really easy that you know really well - like happy birthday or twinkle twinkle little start, or christmas carols, then when you are confident at them try some easy rock songs - like Doive said pick something you like, that sounds reasonably simple, or something you can already play but don't know by heart.
Just start transcribing.

A simple melody might take up 5 minutes, but do a 100 of them and it maybe takes 20 seconds.

Just progress with more and harder stuff, and you will be able to do it eventually.

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