I'm looking to buy a bass just for home recording, and maybe a bit of mucking around for fun. The problem is, I don't actually know anything about bass guitars, being one of those 6 string people

So, my question to you all is: is there a decent sounding bass guitar that I can pick up for under £250? I'm not expecting it to sound professional, just decent. I mean it's going to be on low-tech home recording stuff anyway, so it wouldn't sound good if I spent £1000 on it. I've tried out some starter basses at college, but they all sounded dull and generally naff when I recorded with them. So, essentially, I am looking for a cheap, slightly-better-than-naff bass guitar

Can anyone help? Even if you know of a type of guitar that's easy to pick up second hand, that would be a great help as well. Thanks!
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Squier Classic Vibe's and Vintage Modifieds are pretty nice.
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i would say go grab yourself a Ibanez GSR 200. Or if you feel comfortable or need a low b string, a GSR 205. These low end Ibanez Gio's are decent for recording, and wouldn't break your wallet.

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You could probably get something half decent if you go second hand. I only paid £100 more than that for my Warwick
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Squier CV jazz or precision.
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Thanks guys, this is a great help. I would just go into a store and play them, but obviously I can't record them in the shop! So this is awesome stuff. Thanks. I'll have a look at all the names mentioned.
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Squier VM/CV series would be great. Consider going second hand.

Although i love Ibanez's i don't like the GSRS. Not great basses.
Ugh - I managed to lock myself out of the house the other night, and had to smash the door in to get in the house. So the £250 I would have spent on a bass is now going on replacing a door

But thanks for all the help; I've favourited this page so it's still going to be useful to me
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I did the same thing last night, fortunately the door frame and lock gave way so I can just nail it back together and get a new lock socket bit. Anyway good luck with finding a bass eventually.