I just wanted to writing something that would be easy to write lyrics over, without making the instruments too simple. As always, be honest, be harsh, and most of all, be constructive.
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I like the way that it has within bar 1 - 16 . I really do not like a lot the chord progression and the rythm of the guitar II . At 32, i think, it doesnt sounds too good . The prechorus its okay, but if you add more "feeling" on the guitar two maybe it sounds too good. I like the chorus, but again im not so sure about the chords of the guitar two at 93, really xD .. The bridge sounds nice. I liked it. The verse III its cool remenber me some of power pop xD Man, in the end it sounds dissonant .. A lot for me xD.. But despite all, it has potential, more work and you have a really good song.
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Intro: The intro reminds me alot of a Lifehouse song. Again. You're a fan of Lifehouse? Anyway. The drums are solid. The bass is a bit high for my taste and i'm missing a backbone (that what usually the bass does) but thats okay.

Verse: Nothing remarkable here, a solid verse, will sound good with good vocals.

Prechorus: Same as the verse?

Chorus: Uh, there is something i really don't like. Bar 60, last two notes, and the whole rest. Sounds strange to my ears, but, that's up to you.

Verse, Chorus: Same as above, pretty much.

Bridge: Well, this is the chordprogression I would've taken for the chorus. Sounds good to me.

Verse3: Oooh, i like that. I hate it if every verse is the same, and this is just brilliant. Well done.

Chorus: Yeah, well. You know what I dont like. The last part of the last chorus sounds waaay better, though. Actually, I really like that outro.

All in all, solid song. I just don't like the chorus.
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