Whenever there's a sound going through there's a hissing noise in the background. It's pitch goes up and down at a certain interval, and it sounds kind of like how planes take off in the movies.... i don't get it.
Any help please?
ight i was gunna get mad at yeh for not posting the obvious(your amp) but since your new hear i won't.lol. what kinda amp yeh using though.. if it's a tube amp, probally the tubes are dead..

if it's a line 6 spider series or a marshall MG don't waste your time posting on here because everyone will flame yeh for having it.. long story short if it's one of those two.. throw it out and buy a new one.lol
Sounds like you accidentally have a chorus or flanger effect enabled. What's the amp?
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
my amp is line 6 spider III....
why would everyone flame at me?
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