Sometime soon I'm planning on buying a new guitar, a v-shaped one with 24 frets.
Being a huge COB fan I had my mind set on the Jackson RR24 or an Alexi-600.
However, as well as playing in standard, I'd be using drop-d, drop-c and C standard.
I like the idea of having a floyd rose (to be able to do cool shit like Alexi and all that :P) but I know it's quite difficult to alter tunings all the time.
So is it worth getting a floyd rose, or would it be better without one. If not, what guitars are there that would suit me? (V-shaped [RR shape is a plus], 24 frets, 2 Humbuckers [1 is acceptable], price range £600-950)

Also, I've heard of something called a tremol-no. If I bought one of these, would I be able to change tunings with a floyd rose with much more ease, more frequently?

Thanks guys.
it depends. if you plan on using it a lot, yes it is worth it, otherwise, avoid them.
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I have an edge pro tremelo, ibanez equivalent of floyd rose. Personally I would advise against getting one. From my experience it diminishes sustain and two string bends sound lame. Also the vibrato just doesn't have the right "feel". Whatever that is.
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I just put a tremsetter on mine, it works REALLY well. Feels slightly different but works great for bending and unison bending and vibrato with no sag. Drop tuning is possible but you might have to unlock the nut, I never tried it below D though, should work ok but you may have to loosen the springs a bit to set it up for D then you should be able to go to C. It is nice to have a FR!

I was skeptical, it was only $35, I would probably put one on every OFR I will ever own now, it just takes away all the annoying aspects without changing the feel up or down hardly at all, easy 10 min install (watch the youtube vid from the manufacturer to save a lot of hassle) Also makes a worn LFR stay in tune perfect after violent whammy use. My rating 10.
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I bought a schecter with a floyd so i could use the bar and incorporate it into my music, but it's not worth it because of having to stay in one tuning. So I would say no, it's not worth it.
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If you're gonna use it a considerable amount, go for it, if you're gonna use it rarely then definitely steer clear of floating bridges of any sort - and given the fact you're using 3 different tunings regularly then I'd say it's not worth it.
I would say it was DEFINITELY worth it! I would sorely miss it if i chose to buy a guitar without one.
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Once you understand that FR's are not that much of a pain setting up and changing tuning on(less than 5 mins) you wont regret getting a guitar with one. I posted a vid in the FR setup page at the top of the forum page 68 or 69. quick and easy way to change out the tunings.
As long as it's fits your style and/or isn't on your only guitar, then yes.

Although, I have a guitar with one and I rarely use it [the trem that is]. But, when I do use it, I'm glad I have one.
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ok thanks, anyone have any experience with the tremol-no?

I installed one when I had an Ibanez. They ar pretty cool. Basically it replaces one of the springs in the back of the guitar with a metal rod. When you want to block the trem, you tighten a screw and it blocks the trem from moving. It was pretty easy to install, but threw my guitar all out of whack and I had to get it set up again. If you insist on having a trem system on the guitar, then the tremol-no is a practical idea.

Here is a link to their website video section where you can see how they install it and how it works.

Honestly, since you're choosing to play in primarily drop or low end tunings, don't get it- just learn harmonics and use pinch bending to replicate Alexi's divebombs. If you don't feel like learning or doing all that, then go for it- but be warned, changing tunings frequently is a bitch.
Gah, I'm really confused now. I want it, and dont want it at the same time D:
I currently have an Ibanez RG fixed bridge (not a high end one), so I thought I should get a FR. But now I'll have to think about it =/
workout what tuning you use the most this will be the default tuning for the RG, then work out which tuning you`ll be using the trem in the most.

use your fixed RG for all your tuning changes and keep your FR equipped guitar in the tuning you use most for trem abuse.......simples
+1 with what ibanezgod1973 wrote.

You will endure less hassles if you stick with a certain tuning for a long period of time.

If you restring your guitar often, that will also be a pain.
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+1 with what ibanezgod1973 wrote.

You will endure less hassles if you stick with a certain tuning for a long period of time.

If you restring your guitar often, that will also be a pain.

+1 Just have this in drop C or whatever tuning you plan on using the most, and use your RG to switch between tunings. Right now, I have 3 guitars, an RG, a budget Ibanez, and a rhoads V that I built myself. I keep the RG in standard because it has a trem and I use it mostly for my guitar ensamble class at my high school. I keep the V in drop C (it also has a trem), because I like playing Bodom songs and am trying to make up some stuff in that tuning. And with my last guitar, I use it to switch between tunings because its a hardtail, and I usually keep it in D standard becausee I like playing Death songs and am trying to write some stuff in that tuning.

I'm also planning on either getting a rr24 or building my own rhoads V, it would be basically the same as the rr24, but with two pickups, an X2N and an Air Norton, a kill switch, and a volume booster. Either way I'm going to scallop the last 8 frets.

Good luck with picking out the guitar, I'd recommend a Floyd any day, as long as you know how to set it up (there are plenty of guides on here).
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Hm, I think I'll most likely stick to drop C on the FR guitar, and use my RG for all other tunings (as well as fix some active pups in the ibanez so its better).

Thanks for all the help.

EDIT: thanks smartalec007
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I would recommend looking into some Ibanezes because a lot of their current trems are great for you. They're easy to tune, don't go out of tune on bends, and they do this while remaining floating. The trems you want are the Edge Zero, ZRII, and the ZR.