Hey, i have a Avenge SOB and i was curiouse if maybe it could possibly have a tremelo bar installed into in?..Thanx
Requires some serious routing. Not worth it, really, it would cost quite a bit not including the trem itself.

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Indeed, not worth the cost on a $350 guitar. Unless you do everything really low budget, but that would mean you will go out of tune constantly, which would render the guitar worthless.

The cost will be at least $200.
sure you could just weld the bar to the bridge, but im guessing you want to be awble to use it.

so +1 the the guys above, the cost is alot, and your better off getting a guitar with a floyd or other tremelo installed.
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try getting an Avenge NT Beast, has the floyd built in, but to be perfectly honest, floyds are not usually worth it even if, i have one guitar with a floyd and i almost never use that guitar and when i do i all but try to avoid using the floyd, but then again it is all dependent on how you play, if your going to be a huge trem user, then yah its perfect, but Floyd isn't best of the best, as long as you set up even a standard whammy right (i.e. locking tuners so it won't detune itself) it will be as good as a Floyd sans the backwards whammy that floyd has, best advice, unless ou have already done it, go play a guitar with a floyd, with the bar, and see if you like it, one problem you may have which can be fixed, is the action being considerably lower than that of the bridge you currently have
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wellhe didnt necessarily say he e\wanted a floyd, so have you considered a kahler? It will be cheaper (wammiworld.com) and they have all the routing templates on their site.
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F8iscruel: There is a reason we have an expression called "Floyd Rose-type whammy madness" and the likes... You can't do that with other trems, save for the Kahlers. Floyds are always worth it if you know that's what you want. But if you don't know that you're gonna be using it, then yeah- stay away from them.
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