I have a guitar with a single coil in the neck and a humbucker in the bridge. I am replacing the single coil with another single coil but was wonder whether I should get a reverse wound version so it's humbucking in the middle position. Would that be the case? If I got a reverse wound single coil would it be humbucking in the middle position with the humbucker in the bridge. I also have a phase switch on my guitar to switch in and out of phase in the middle position, would that still work? Hope that made sense, lol...
the phase switch'll work the same, but RWRP doesn't matter in this case, unless you coil split the humbucker.

theres 2 coil in a humbucker.. one is reverse wound/reverse polarity, and the other is 'normal'
thats what makes a humbucker hum-cancelling.

with your current setup, you've got a rwrp coil (in the humbucker), and 2 'normal' coils (one is the single coil, and the other is the other coil from the humbucker)

if you got a rwrp single coil, you'd have 2 rwrp and one normal. there wouldnt be a difference in hum-cancelling abilities

like I said, though, if you coil split the humbucker, there'll be a difference
1 - If the HB isn't split, there is no advantage to RWRP for the single. Neither cancels completely with a full HB.

2 - When the HB is split, use the opposite (magnetic) polarity (compared to the single) coil on the HB when the pickups are in phase. This will hum cancel. Or use the like polarity coil on the HB when the pickups are out of phase. This will also hum cancel.

3 - Regardless of a normal or RWRP single, your HB will have one coil that has this same magnetic polarity and one coil that is opposite.

4 - Careful planning of the wiring will allow you to have full hum canceling in most of your selections.

5 - Use the Guitar Wiring thread
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