Im curious, how do you all find out about new chord shapes because recently ive noticed ive been using the same few chords quite alot and would like to try and change it up abit. What do you do? is it worth me looking at songs in the style (melodic metalcore/melodeath) and just using/adapting those shapes, should i just try different scale shapes out and try and find them or what. thanks all in advance. Also if you know some good chords for metalcore style please share them.
Learn how to construct chords.
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Learn how to construct chords.

i can construct basic chords (major,minor, M/m sevenths, ninths)
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i can construct basic chords (major,minor, M/m sevenths, ninths)

Try and find different voicings for them.
Learn chord construction so you know what intervals go into each type of chord, and what specific notes are in a certain chord. Then, learn the notes on the fretboard so you can find different voicings for the chords.
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i can construct basic chords (major,minor, M/m sevenths, ninths)

Can you construct them, as in knowing the formula for them, and being able to say the correct letters of the musical alphabet for them? So if someone asks you D# major what are the three notes, you can answer the question knowledgeably?
Learn more chords? Seems like a silly question to me. You learn them the same way you learned the basic ones.
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Last year at the Anaheim NAMM I met a guy who was putting out a book called Guys Grids and it was an interesting approach to expanding the vocabulary of chords. I actually bought a book, and I think its innovative in scope and in the ideas he shows. There are a ton of chords that I never even tried, and his system is easy to learn, the book is about 70 dollars and its about the size of Rhode Island. However, the beauty of the book is how he makes it easy to learn a ton of new and interesting chords, using ones you already know and building upon it in a systematic approach. Its expensive but it really does work.