Hey guys, just had a couple of questions for you, I've been playing for a bit over a year and I would like to compose in the metal and rock genre's

1. How many routines can you have without spreading yourself to thin?

2. After you get efficient at a technique, say pinch harmonics, do you need to do practice every so often to keep your technique up?

3. Any suggestions on the following?

Schedule 1
Warm up- 5 minutes
Scales- 10 minutes
Alternative picking and string skipping- 15 minutes
Picking styles; finger picking exercise- 5 minutes
Harmonics 15 minutes
Chords 10 minutes
Song 20 minutes

Schedule 2
Warm up- 5 minutes
Scales- 10 minutes:
Book 15 minutes: Stetina
Theory 20 minutes
Chords 10 minutes- progressions
Song 20 minutes
Open practice 15 minutes

Schedule 3
Warm up- 5 minutes
Alternative picking and string skipping
Scales- 20 minutes
Sweep picking- 10 minutes
Legato- 20 minutes
Book- 15 minutes: Stetina
1. To be honest, whatever works for you. Obviously a schedule that is hard for you to stick to wouldn't be that effective. Ideally, you want something not to demanding but focuses on well, everything.

2. Of course. You don't learn something just to forget it.

3. I'm not catching on the schedule 1, schedule 2 thing. You would alternate each schedule each day or something? That's actually not a bad idea. Keeps things from becoming boring.

Anyways, like I said before, whatever works for you. I can't really say 'this is what you should practice and this is how to practice it.' Everybody has their own way of practicing whatever they need to practice. Consistency is the main thing. Keep that in mind and you should be fine.