Poll: Which Color EC Signature Strat Should I get?
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28 48%
Olympic White
30 52%
Voters: 58.
I'm looking to buy an Eric Clapton Signature Strat but I'm undecided on which color to get...can't decide between Black or Olympic White...
To go for classic Clapton, black.
But I much prefer white strats.
However, it depends if you'll be changing the pickguard. I personally am not a fan of white or black strats with white pickguards.
But then again sticking a black pickguard on the white model will make you look like a shred fiend, which doesn't equate with a Clapton strat

To sum up, I prefer white
I wish they still sold the green ones. 1987 model, I think.


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i know he plays weirdly coloured ones but the only one i seem to see him play is black
White,if the finish is Nitro.
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Quote by NewsoftheWorld
White,if the finish is Nitro.

Fender doesn't do pure nitro. All their models with nitro, have a poly undercoat. Whether it's thin or thick, it's not how they made em in the pre-CBS era.

So really, the nitro doesn't matter, it's just an aesthetic thing.
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Sorry had to throw that in

Defiantly go for white. I think it looks better.
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White, with a black pickguard. Very Maidenish.
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Why not Candy Green?????????

I would go with Olympic White. Much cleaner looking
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Why not Candy Green?????????

I would go with Olympic White. Much cleaner looking

That's what I said.
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only the get the white if it has a maple fretboard

get the black one, i accdently voted white without thinking
I think black strats look like toys :\
So imo go white I myself would put a black pickgaurd on it I just love that contrast. but the other way around just bugs me.
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I'm a fan of white Strats with white pickguard, white pickups and controls, chrome hardware and an all-maple neck. So usually I'd vote white. But if you want to go really Clapton then it has to be black. Yes he's used many other colours but actually white is the one finish I don't think I've ever seen him use. I'm sure he probably has at some point but black is the classic Clapton look. So if you just want a good guitar, I'd say go white. If you're buying the Clapton model specifically because it is Clapton, get black.
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46 votes and the poll is still equal.. helpful!
I'd choose Black.
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Go for the white! Why? I don't really know, personal preference I guess. But hey, it's your guitar isn't it, you'll decide in the end anyway