I just got a guitar a couple weeks ago and ive been playn on it pretty consistently everyday but im having trouble trying to find songs that i can play good and fluently i think ive been picking out to difficult of songs could you help me out and give me some good beginner songs that you think i would like im into alot of classic rock led zeppelin metallica guns n roses etc so help me out
Try Through The Never by Metallica. It's not the hardest song, and some of the riffs are good for practicing downpicking
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When I was a beginner I learned Bad Moon Rising by CCR. Don't no if you like it but I love CCR ...and it's an easy song, only three chords
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Easiest song ever.... Smoke on Water

Easiest song that won't get you killed in Guitar Center... Sunshine of Your Love by Cream
*nods* smoke on the water being played in GC is a popular suicide method.
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first song i learned was Smells Like Teen Spirit
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what about eruption haha
Agile 2000 2ts
ESP LTD Eclipse 1000, ASB
Crate GTD65
Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
Hey man thanks for reccomending that song i love the riffs in it, if you have anything else for me just let me know
fall to pieces by avril lavigne is super easy, it was one of my first songs i learned. but i am a punk-rock singer/screamer now.so i guess my opinion is differant lol
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First couple of songs i leaned was Knicking on heavens door, bob dylan edition super easy, only 4 chords.. Wish You Were Here with Pink Floyd is a good beginner song aswell, + theres a intro and a super easy mini solo in the beginning thats fun to play..
Killing me softly is kinda easy aswell..
disorder by joy division. very easy song but sounds pretty sweet.
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Godfather Theme by slash? Just skip the fast solo at the end and you'll be fine
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