I've been looking in to getting a piezo bridge for my PRS SE singlecut. However, the few that I've seen are aesthetically awful. Do you know of any that aren't?
Also, there seems to be a way of retrofitting your current bridge for piezo? Is this correct?
Assuming you have the hard tail version then unfortunately I don't think you can use that bridge and still have a piezo. I'm not too sure if this would work but you might want to check out bridge units that are made for Les Paul JRs and then replace the saddles with piezo one's so you can have the piezo and still be able to keep the look of it normal guitar alternatively I do know Graphtech carry a bridge that is similar to what you want.

AFAIK there arent any wraparound piezo bridges, and a piezo retrofit requires a fair bit of routing too, so I wouldnt really want to do it to a new guitar.