Ok, so. I've recently been having problems with my Ashdown Fallen Angel 60DSP Combo. Check my other threads about the problem, it's not serious, I just need 2 new tubes (Ashdown have told me this).

I realize that the Marshall MG's are HATED on these forums, please don't go crazy on me telling that these amps suck, but I love them. I can get a perfect tone from them, genuinely perfect. I'm not a n00b, I know what good tone is, and I can get it with these amps.

I would be more than happy to trade my Ashdown for either...

Marshall MG50FX Marshall MG50DFX
Marshall MG100FX Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100HFX Marshall MG100HDFX

Preferably one of the 100 models but I'm good with the 50s too.

A link to my amp is..


The guys at Ashdown are great, always on hand if you need to ask questions.

I'm situated in Northern Ireland, and my amp is a big, heavy amp - not sure how postage would work and how I would post it, but I'm sure something can be worked out. Anyone from Ireland I'm fine to meet up halfway

Any offers?
Please don't question why I want an MG, I'm a crazy guy
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Just sold my 50dfx not all that long ago after buyin voxad30. Wouldn't have been very good for you with me being in Canada but anyway... Yeah, I didn't even find it too bad for some of the stuff I was playing (a lot of rock) I was getting a good sound. A lot of the hate I think is from reliability issues people seemed to be having more than anything. That and just jumpin on the bandwagon. I didn't experience any problems. Just coulda been more versatile.
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If you're adamant, then put your Ashdown on ebay, then purchase an MG from ebay and pocket the difference. Second hand MG's are worth next to nothing.