Hey, i want to know about pickup ideas....

Should i get passive or active? I play metal mostly and my pickups dont have a lot of gain, and they look pretty knackered aswell. For actives, i was thinking seymour duncans blackout for the bridge and a passive for the neck... i'm not sure.

Can you recomend some pickups?
Mixing active and passive is usually not a good idea. There are plenty of powerful passive pickups to chose from if you wish to go all passive. I personally prefer DiMarzio. If you chose to go active then it's best to get a set.
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EMG actives are great for metal. They have powerful gain and ultimate sustain
If you ask me...actives sound too sterile...
They'Ve got no life...at least the clean.
My SD Invader's got plenty of power and DiMarizio X2N is pretty similar.
But other Seymour Duncans (SDs) and DiMarzios are good as well.
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It is often the case that your tone is limited with active pickups. If you play Metal the majority of the time then yes, you should strongly consider getting a set of actives. However, if you play other kinds of music then you should strongly consider getting passives. Like mentioned earlier, there are several pickups out there that can provide nice amounts of distortion and have the capacity to do other things.

By the way, what amp are you using?
You can get passives that are a million miles ahead of EMG's. I play metal too and I personally cant stand the tone that EMG's put out. I much prefer some nice, organic, alive passives to sterile, cold and un-versatile EMG's.

That said: If you're looking to spend $60-$80 USD I recommend
Seymour Duncan
Both are good.

If you're looking to spend more:
Theres more and they're on the tip of my tongue but I cant think of them.
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Umm I had a line 6 spider amp, but its broken, so i'm current playing with my boss me 70. Can anyone recommend which pickup to get?

I was thinking Painkiller/nailbomb BareKnuckles on the bridge

and i dont know what else for the neck....

I use an Ibanez s370
I checked the seymour duncans site. JB Model™ SH-4 and TB-4 pickups are suppose to be very popular.... Are they any good?
A lot depends on your guitar. Actives work great for me across a wide range and I put it down to the guitar having a Mahogany body. But actives and very high output passives are not at their best without a valve amp. In your position, I'd be looking at Irongear and especially at Steamhammer, Hammerhead and Hot Slag options. Great for metal in most guitars but can be tamed for less distorted tones. They seem to work well with Mahogany, Alder, Ash and Basswood, and are dirt cheap.
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What amp are you using?

nvm, found it.

Forget pickups, they're not your issue - you'd just be wasting your money.
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You really don't need active pickups to sound metal. You just need active pickups if you want their specific tone; they're not a must-have for metal.

My advice is, take the artists that have a tone similar to the metal tone you want. Then try to find which pickups they use.
Since the pickups are a small percentage of the final tone (amps and effects make the biggest percentage of tone), don't expect to have that exact tone just by having the same pickups.

But knowing what pickups they use give you a starting point, a reference, to choose what pickups would suit your needs/taste.
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