Hello. i am a punkrock bassist, i play alot of nofx and anti-flag hardcore, good use of bass things, i rlly need a punkrocker guitarist drummer and vocalist, i can sing but i suck at it and cant sing well when i play bass complicated. the current band im in never has time to practice and they arent very punkrock, i live in Pequannock NJ so it would be preferable to live in northernish jersey, im only 13 but i can bring the thunder with the bass lol please im deperate~!!~~ lolz. thank you!
how far would u say u r from belford cuz im 13 im a guitarist and vocalist. i have influence im rock, punk, and metal so.... yeah
ohh mann =/ u live near sayervillee :/ thats like an hour or hour and a half away from where i live T_T but mabey we can still jam around, idk as long as we make good use of the time, idkk man but lets keep in touch k? i might be able to arange somthin with my dad :P