Is there a pedal or anything that will prevent feedback and guitar noise?
I have seen some tips like turn the volume on guitar down a bit and stuff but is there like a normal pedal or anything that can stop it?

The zoom g1 pedal prevents feedback, cleans it all up no matter how loud your amp is but i recently sold it and I was wondering if theres a pedal like that?

I heard some compressor pedals clean it up but im not sure

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Noise gate.

ISP makes a good one and I think MXR does as well. There are a couple of companies that make them for a pretty penny.
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Noise gate.

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I found a good noise gate that works well

boss ns2 noise suppressor pedal

I watched a video of this guy playing it with 2 overdrive pedals at the same time when the noise pedal is on, and there is like, no noise at all coming from the amp

Good video found here