Well you see
I can't see
past trips to Disney World
and gemstones of Green
Where in the hell is my dignity?

These 7 months of my life
Have made me so god damned happy
But you went and pulled it all
from underneath my feet
now I'm feelin pretty weak

I can't let my future be
just an assortment of memories
This grieving things just not for me
It's time I made my leave

I had my dreams
of fake plastic trees
and homesick melodies
but you've crushed them all, it seems
no body knows what you mean

I remember the look in your eyes
when you told me you loved me the first time
but you don't show your face anymore
no, you don't love me anymore

And you don't know why I'm crying
Well girl, let's put it like this
Oh, I'm swimming
and I can't see the shore
You don't know what you mean
to me