I'm aware that I start of a bit shakey since I havent layed guitar in a few days but I get into the swing of it after a while. Constructive crit welcome. C4C as usual
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Yeah, like he said, nice licks. I think your tone is too fuzzy sounding, is that intentional? I thought it was kind of too long, and the wankery(no offense lol) kind of goes on a bit too much, not a whole of melody or anything. Your soloing style is unique, although it sounds awkward playing over a southern rock backing track lol. Good job otherwise.
well first off i know its improv so im not gonna get too nit picky, but i'll your chops are impressive. I'm not a huge fan of the tone, i would turn down the level of the fuzz or wtv it is, but i realize that is up to you, if you like it go for it.
as for what you played, its one of those times where i would say technically impressive, but artistically too much of a 'hit all the notes' mentality. What i would suggest is try and start of a bit more laid back and then build into all the tremelo picking and all that, cus if you start off going all for it you dont realy have anywhere to go with it. Im not a huge fan of shred so if thats what you prefer then go for it, although maybe try a more fitting backing track in that case.

My stuff is more song ideas than soloing, but if you get a chance id be intersted in hearding what you think. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1254672
Overall not too bad. Your tone is a bit whiny sounding. I can hear alot of sort of fuzzy static sort of layered over it.

One thing I noticed was I can only hear your guitar on one side, but the static that comes with it is on both channels. I'm not sure what could have caused this but you should work on getting your tone to come out of both the left and right channels. It'd sound much more full.

But nonetheless, not too bad. Some cool playing in there. Keep it up.