I've got a cheapy (£80) Liberty L106GX SG, which is surprisingly a good piece of kit, one problem though - the pickups are AWFUL.
So I've prepped and refurbed it, and it's waiting for a pair of decent pickups. Now because I'm 15, I have like no money, so I'm going to have to be cheap here with the replacements (although anything's going to be a vast improvement).

Electrical: 2 VOL, 2 TONE, 3-way switch, two humbuckers, 1 jack (obvs)

So, I've ordered 1 Irongear Rolling Mill black/open coil/bridge @ roughly £29 delivered, and I'm stuck for what to do next. Now, for the other pickup, I want that southern kind of feel (Sweet Home Alabama, for example), and I believe I'm looking for an Alnico II. I'm not sure whether to get:

-Another Rolling Mill on the neck
-A Tonerider AC2 <-------Leaning towards this one, it's got that PAF kind of feel I want
-A Tonerider AC4
-A Tonerider Generator
-A Tonerider Rocksong

The AC2 seems my best bet, opinions?
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Oh... well this seemed like the best place, I'm a new member, and I've got a question. Didn't spot the gear forum.
how much do you have to spend?

I would look at Guitarforce pickups, they make several very good PAF style options. And you can get a set at a special price of $125 (you just have to ask the winder about it) which is incredible considering they're handmade boutique pickups.

As for A2 vs. A4, it's hard to say, PAFs were made with A2s, A4s and A5s so they're all a little inconsistent in that regard. It's really tough to say that a certain guitar sound uses an A2 PAF because so much goes into your guitar sound that can affect the final product that something like the magnet in there is nearly impossible to determine from just a listen. But at the same time, if you have two different magnets in front of you and played a pickup w/ an A2 and then swapped it out for an A5 you'd notice the difference though and it'd be pretty noticeable. In the end a PAF retains certain qualities no matter what magnet it has, so whether it's an A5 PAF or A2 PAF, it's still going to sound like a PAF.
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I've got about £35 max.

I was looking at the AC2s because a lot of videos I've been looking at have the perfect sound on them, this for example (I know they use Duncans but you get the idea).

The Guitarforce is out of my budget I'm afraid

Still think either the Rocksong or the AC2s are my best bets.
Iron Gear pickups

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Oh missed that... you could get the Blues Engine... which is supposed to be their PAF replica, which should give you the sound you are looking for.
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Hmm... didn't see that one... though to be honest I prefer the AC2. Cheers for the suggestion though.

Kind of regretting buying the Rolling Mill, might go well with the AC2 though, who can say.
No-one ever regrets buying an Irongear pup. Now get the neck one for the pair.
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Already ordered a neck one (which is now fitted)

Odd problems though - the bridge pickup is WAY quieter than the neck pickup, despite them being the same measurement, and I get a static-kind-of-noise when I touch the bridge pickup.

When the switch is middle (using both pickups) there is NO static AT ALL, however the bridge pickup is still quiet. Sometimes using the switch makes static noises.

When I first fitted it a few days ago it was fine I've checked all connections over and over again and I can't find a single problem. The neck pickup's fine... I hope for my sake I don't have a dodgy pickup.


I'm a bit dissapointed by the quality to be honest, on its own it sounds great, but under any FX it doesn't sound much better than the stock pickup.
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^Have you adjusted the pickup height, if so the rolling mill bridge is most probably a lower output pickup than your neck.
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But that's what happens - the more processing you add into your signal chain the more you're going to mask the natural tone of the guitar.

A bit of delay, chorus or light overdrive and you'll still hear the improvement, but if you run it through heavy distortion with loads of reverb and delay then the pickups have far less say in the final tone.
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