Hey guys, I'm really into Electric guitar and I've been playing a few years. But the other day, I was like what the hell, and sat down and thumped around on the bass, and actually really enjoyed it.

But my question is, I have too many guitars as is, and am thinking about selling my Ibanez (as I don't use FR's anymore) and getting a bass just to play around with.

Have any of you guys bought a bass just for fun and regretted it?
just buy it
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No you shouldn't go do something feckin fun with your time, like make rockets and become a rocket engineer, or rock climbing, sailing another good one. Just dont buy a ****ing bass.
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You should always have a bass...
But really, go for it. Maybe it will be something that you stick with and enjoy more than guitar.
I'll never regret buying my bass. It made recording so much more fun and it was an enjoyable experience learning a new instrument I was already mostly familiar with.
yeah, that's what I was thinking. I enjoyed playing around with it for about an hour at the store. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.
yes, it makes you a more valuable musician, as you can play two instruments. learn piano, drums, harp, vocals, saxophone, whatever... it WILL make you better. at the very least its fun
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I want to say go for it.

I am finding that having my girlfriend's Squier Strat around is really handy for learning about music. I can play the chords I am meant to support and so on and it's fun to record guitar parts over my (rather shaky) basslines. I do not play guitar, but it is fun and a useful tool.

You may find the opposite to be true. Even if you are just throwing out roots to chords you are recording, it may help build your sound and you might learn more about harmony and rythmn.
Yeah dude, imo you should always have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a bass guitar.
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This threads title is a retorical question Of course you MUST buy a bass But seriously, go for it. I picked up music that way in general. Never regreted it.
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Go for it. You'll have more options, why not?
I am a bass player first and while returning to the bass, I started taking guitar lessons. So, now i have (2) squire guitars, (1) Prs Guitar (1) Washburn acoustic /elec.
It goes to show you its one instrument with seperate necks. Buy a bass....I just bought a $199 squire @ a local Samash Store...Does the job , sounds great...Watch out soon the bass will be competing for your time....