So about a week or so ago, my guitar fell over and broke the high e. I've lived without the e for awhile. But now its kind of annoying me. I have two extra packs of strings for acoustic guitar, and I was wondering if putting acoustic strings on an electric guitar will work? I mean, they're metal strings so I assume that they're gonna be amplified. But will it change the sound of the guitar?

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i highly doubt they will work they need to have a steel core and i think alot of them are phosphore bronze which i think are not magnetic
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Why don't you just buy new electric strings?
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Dude, strings are like 5 bucks and britishligean is completely right. can you really not dish out 5 bucks?!
It'll depend on the brand, but the unwound strings are often interchangeable. I know GHS' Boomers can be used for either. Give it a go?
yeah...if they are unwould strings it really doesnt matter b/c everything has steel cores...go for it dude
It's not as much about "will they produce sound" as it's about putting a string on your guitar that doesn't in any way fit with the other ones in terms of gauge. I know why you're considering doing such a thing, I did it a lot when I first started playing but acoustic strings are made to produce a good and unamplified sound so they're usually thicker. Most electric strings start off with 8's up to 11's while many acoustics have a high e string gauge of .012 or higher.

If you broke your e-string "prematurely" it may not be THAT bad of an idea, but if you've been playing this current set of strings regularly for more than a month or so I'd just recommend buying a brand new pack of strings and changing them all. Really, if you're not absolutely broke and serious about playing the guitar there's no good reason to play on a guitar with rusty strings until the last one has snapped. Your guitar deserves more than that...

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Someone i know ruined their rickenbacker electric 12 string by accidently putting on acoustic strings. The acoustic strings put a lot more pressure on the neck of the guitar and warped it pretty badly.
Acoustic strings will **** up your neck, badly. They're much higher gauge than equivalent electric strings (ie electric mediums are .011"-.049", acoustic mediums are somewhere around .013"-.056"). The tension is much higher.

Also it's not because they're metal, but because they're magnetic, that the pickups pickup sound from the strings. Acoustic strings are not magnetic a lot of the time.
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dude, just buy new strings. I always keep 2 spare string packs at home.
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