I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and I wanted to know if the EMG-81 and EMG-60 pickups would fit well if I put them on my guitar
Short answer: Yeah they'd fit just fine, but they wouldn't sound very good.

Long answer: The size of the pickups isn't really an issue, it's just that EMG's sound horrible IMO. They just murder your midrange and compress the living f*ck out of your tone. My advice is stick to passives for now until you try them extensively, and decide you like the sound. They make every single guitar sound the exact same, whether it be a suhr or a squier.
I have a Marshall MG4 Series 30w(small one) .
I use this one to play at my house, but when I play with my friends I use a MG100HFX

If you have a decent amp then I'd go for it. If you have a shitty amp then I'd upgrade the amp first. You wont notice much if a difference in pickups through a bad amp.

EDIT: No. Save your money and buy a decent amp.

What's your budget?
What genres/bands do you play?
Nearest major city?


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yeah get a better amp first then think of upgrading your pickups
Said before, will say again: The amp makes a majority of the tone. Go with a new amp, plus you might find that through a higher-quality amp that the guitar won't need new pickups.