This band are catchy as hell, and although it's not my usual taste, I'm addicted. They have an album due out in February and I'm excited to see if they produce anything new, since a few of the songs they have at the moment sound a little samey. Anyone like 'em?

Something Good Can Work / I Can Talk are probably my favourite tracks.

they are destined to be massive
such catchy tunes
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****ing. brilliant. stuff.

I heard em on the kitsune comp last year and thought they were brilliant. The new album is all pretty much the same, but its samey in the right kind of way. They've written a bunch of stellar pop songs.
I'm glad that after three months people are finally starting to comment on the thread Yeah, the album is top.

Guilty pleasure. Well good.
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The next Bloc Party. I definitely dig them.

I hope TDCC don't disappear like Bloc Party have though.
I heard Something Good Can Work in McDonalds a few weeks ago, me and my friend were in a flap about it.
I adore them so much. I love how Alex's Irish twang comes out when he sings particular lyrics!(:
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I'm really digging their album. I especially love Come Back Home. Sooo catchy

Come back home is my favourite song on the album and they are also my new #1 band