i recorded a shitty version of this about a month ago, but i decided to sit down and give it the proper treatment today with my new mac. i'm liking garageband so far, even though i only know very basic stuff. the harmonies came out kinda sweet, although they sound a little different in the exported mp3... hmm.

anyway, let me know what you think and if you like it, add my page or whatever.


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haha usually its, "i like it... BUT 97% OF IT IS OFF KEY"

but thanks man! if you have a link for me to crit, feel free to post it.
Dude, this is really good. Right off the bat, it reminded me of Jack Johnson. The guitar part around 1:03 is pretty cool, too, as well as that chorus right after it (i really like the "baabyy". I actually think the verse are my favorite parts. The vocals are great, the lead and the backup are superb. I don't any of it is offkey, sounds perfect really. Overall, really chill stuff, some of the best recording I've heard around here. I use Garageband too, really like it. What does the fortune in your pro pic say?
crite mine?
thanks man. thats kind of what i'm going for i guess. though i like jack johnson's music, i find some of the lyrics a little shallow/obvious, and i hope i'm a little different in that regard, though this song isn't lyrically over deep, just deeply honest/cliche.

the fortune says, "your heart is your biggest asset." i think its the only true fortune i got.

and of course, i'll crit yours. thanks again dude.
Very cool man, relaxing. It does sound very indie. But I will say I am not a fan of the constant layered vocals, It makes it seem like you don't think your really good or there's not enough of you to go around haha. But I see you don't always do that so it's okay. Very great overall.

And also I would pick a name for your self 'cause I hate names on my iPod you just kinda blend in.
thanks man. i'm a huge fan of vocal harmony so its possible that i over do it. maybe i'll try a very basic single track with no to very little tracking on the next recording!

and yes, a name would be good haha its a tough job summarizing yourself in a few words, though.
Ah I understand man, it took me like 4 months to come up with Best Kept Secret, and then someone else took it but I was like **** it haha.

It might just be I'm not a fan of the layered vocal things though so don't listen to me, lots of people love that thing. Just don't do it for every song like some bands like you/
It sounds like you've got a pretty good grasp on your sound. I like how the song has a lot of depth to it accented by the subtle add-ins throughout the song. I didn't have much time to analyze the lyrics, but from what I did catch they seemed pretty decent. I'm not sure if it is in your vocal range or not, but I think it would really add to the song if maybe during one verse you sang louder and one octave higher to maybe add a sort of climax to the song.

Crit mine?
thanks guys. i recorded it using a shureKSM27, into a line 6 toneport (for the phantom power), into garageband on a macbook pro i recently purchased for recording.