i just started practicing lead stuff(like sweeping arpeggios, legatos ect) and i just started using a metronome but i dont think im playing along with it right. so my noob question is how do i use a metronome to work on speed form my sweeps and legatos? please dont flame me for this, i honestly dont know how to use one)


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Pretty much what Sean said. Another way is to do one note or two notes per click and then just setting the speed twice as fast and doing two notes per click still. Kinda like instead of having the clicks at the same speed, have it to where you have more clicks so you are doing 1/4 notes and 1/8 notes still, just having the clicks as times for when those are.
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^^You should be changing the speed of the metronome, not playing more notes per click at first surely?

Start out playing one not per click at about 60 make sure you can do it comfortably, move up to 65, make sure you're comfortable, move up to 70. When you reach about 140, then halve it (back to 70) but play 2 note per click this time. Rinse and repeat.
As you get closer to your playing limit move up by 1 bpm at a time rather than 5.

The important thing is to make sure you do it right and comfortably, you're ultimately trying to play guitar well, not play 32nds at 160. You'll learn good guitar by playing slower than you think you should.

EDIT: you don't have to start at quarters at 60 if that is way too slow, that was just a random example of a start speed, you know what's comfortable for you.