I realize that my recording set up is awful and their is ungodly static XD. But looking beyond that, could I get some feedback? The intro and verse is in Am with the intro being arpeggios of Am, C and G triads at the beginning moving into a chord progression of Am, C, G and E, then breaking down into a chorus in C of C, Em, Dm (I add in my pinky on the third fret first string for some parts, like a Dsus4 except with Dm, not sure what the technical name is) which then builds up on Em back to the Am verse and it closes with simple arpeggios of the open chords of the verse.
Hey this is cool stuff man, I really like the chorus-ey arpeggios. The chords also add a nice flow. I think you should add some more structure to this song though. This is like the bare bones of what could be a really kickass song. You just need some drums, vocals, bass and a tad more structure/clarity between the parts. I'd definitely love to hear a more finished version of this!

crit mine?
Thanks man, your song was really good as well, I left a comment. Someone else told me the same thing on my profile, more structure. I'm curious as to what exactly you guys mean by that? Also, does anyone think that I should try using all barre chords instead of open chords? Or does it seem to work the way it is
This is a very unique song, I think. Its very good, but I think if the two vocal tracks were more in tune with eachother it would sound better. A very haunting kind of song up untill the solo. I like it!
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat