i have bee thinking about buying this pedal. it seems like it could be fun, and a lot of people seem to have it on their boards. i am worried that after the pazazz runs out, ill be left with a 200 "toy" and nothing more

how practical are these pedals, and how often do you people who already have one use it?

thanks ug
I used mine quite a bit...but not enough to warrant paying $200 for a new one. I got mine used for about half that. I've since sold it...the whammy function on my G-major is good enough for the amount that I use the sound.
ick. i think whammys are awful. they just sound very bad, tracks poorly, degrades your signal, and very overpriced.
They are, indeed, fun but definitely not an essential pedal unless you feel it necessary to emulate Tom Morello, who apparently can't play the guitar without one.
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I don't think it will be very gimmicky if you use it tastefully. One example is Dragonforce, while their new album has much less whammy in it, and I do love the band, it seemed that they used it too many times in too many songs on one album, and it felt 'gimmicky'. I think if you use it creatively and sparingly you could do some really cool stuff with it.

In my experience it's mostly a toy as it's very fun to play with
The Whammy is a great pedal, it's just that most people don't know how to use it in a band context. My favourite guitarist who uses the Whammy is Nick from Tera Melos and he does a lot of things with it. If you're creative enough, it will be easy to find a use for it.


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I know i post that a lot but it's the first thing that usually comes to mind.

The pedal will only be gimmicky and a 'toy' if you really don't have a use for it. King James is an example of it being used in a practical sense in a song, and the whammy can be quite a useful piece of equipment. It just depends on your own personal needs.
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im on the fence between getting a whammy or a boss dd20 to run after my dl4 to get some sweet ambience going. i can always use delay, but not sure id use the whammy enough
They are more practical if you use the more "normal" settings. Sure it's fun to mess with the 2 octaves up and make pterodactyl noises. However, a lot of guitarists use the 1 octave up feature to add a bit of variation to parts, or just to add something sonically.

When I had one I used with delay to make random noise or atmospheric effects to parts of songs that didn't involve guitar. Plus there's always pitch shifting solos, which can sound unusual but fantastic. It all comes down to what you can create with it. I think it's a brilliant pedal, and a lot of new sounds can be made with it. Just my opinion though.
If you think you can use a Whammy pedal well and integrate it into your playing like Matt Belamy, Tom Morello, Buckethead then get it, if you think it will be just fun as a toy or something then don't waste your money.
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like with any pedal you`ve got to know how an when to use it, using it 100% of the time is going to sound boring, but using it for part of a solo or during the middle 8 will add a new dimension to your song
Hey i just didnt think it was necessary to start a new thread

has anyone used it with a bass?

i really like using effects for it

Any thoughts?
Depends what you play. Brilliant for noise music (if that's what you do), and certainly useful if you don't have a bassist, though the POG is better for that.
I've tried it with a guitar and a bass. Nice effect, not something I'd buy though. It's interesting to use some of the harmonies and pitchshifting it up could be useful for solos but the tracking isn't fabulous and I personally quickly got bored of it.