Hey, I recently moved up here with my family so I had to leave my last band so I am a nearly 16 year old singer/guitarist/drummer/bassist/producer (Check my profile or myspace in sig I'm not a awful wanna be lol) and would really like musicians to play with, I can write my own songs and play decent lead and rhythm. I'm looking for people around the Utica area (I live in one of the many tiny farm towns). So I would like a drummer and bassist at the least another guitar player and keyboardist would be amazing and I would die of joy just for that.

And I'm aware probably no one will respond but whatever.

OH and my influences are: Relient K, Smashing Pumpkins, The Used, Radiohead, Muse, Marilyn Manson (before Eat Me, Drink Me that was like a de-fluence lol), Nine Inch Nails, Green Day (shush), Manchester Orchestra, The Killers, and Jimmy Eat World
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