Whats a good way to practice gallops? I'm starting slow and working my way up. I'm doing the same for down picking as well. When I'm doing them though, I'm feeling burn in my arm. Both the forearm and upper arm are feeling it. Is this normal when building stamina for gallops and down picking? It doesn't hurt, just a burning feeling. I'm trying to relax much as possible.
you'll get used to it, it is normal
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so it's normal for a burn in the forearm and upper? thanks man. I'm just wondering because people usually only mention the forearm and not the upper arm.
Nah, it's normal. I still get a burn in my bicep when I play rhythm for longer periods at higher speeds, though thankfully not as much as I used to. Relax as much as you can, and keep practicing rhythm as part of your daily guitar time.
Like everyone always says it comes with practice.

I used to be skeptical but it really does. Think back to a song you can play now - remember when you couldn't nail a certain part? Maybe you couldn't downpick that fast.

When you really think about it you can see how much you have improved.
The trick to galloping is to keep your arm as loose as possible, and not keep all bunched up when playing. It's good to start off slow but you should try and work your way up to playing it faster without changing the overall position of your arm when playing. This just comes with practice. It's natural to a burn in your forearm and upper arm, but you should eventually get to a point where the only part of your arm that should feel any real pressure when playing is your wrist. That's at least how I would describe how I feel when I gallop.