Me and a friend of mine are working on a little blues guitar project and were trying to find some good songs to cover. What recommendations do you have for some good blues songs we could do with two guitars. Minimal vocals is preferred, music is definitely our strong point.

Also I hope this is in the right place, I figured itd either go here or in the blues forum.
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try the 'what song' sticky.. or whatever it's called.

But most blues songs will suit. One guitar can do the 12BB proggresion, while the other does the melody.

Johnny B Good is a great one to share the lead on. Guitarist 1 can start off with that awesome opening, then launch into the chords, then guitarist 2 can go on to melody :P
since music over vocals is your strong point, try a duet cover of "All For You" by sister Hazel. It's originally performed in acoustic with singing but if you want tabs fir this song or music sheets, you're out of luck. I had to listen to the song almost 40 times to get it right, and I don't feel like posting tabs for it at all. Plus my version isn't exactly the same. Just find a good song, find the key, and then use that key to generate a solo that goes with the vocals. I had to learn he CAGED system to figure it out.
If you're looking for a blues instrumental, Freddie King's "Hide Away" is great. Quite tricky though!
Hide Away is a great piece -- I am trying to learn that myself right now.

For blues duets, the Muddy Waters album "Hard Again" has some pieces with Muddy and Johnny Winter.