Hey guys, i purchased a Rocktron Prorax MX3 tonight for 20 dollars. I literally know nothing about this pedal-not even where to get the power supply. All i can knowledgeably say is that it is a rack-mounted digital delay unit, and the only reason i know that is because it is painted right on the front of the thing.

Now, I doubt i got shafted since it was marked down from one-hundred dollars, but can anyone help me find a 15 volt DC power supply rated at 160mA? I've looked on google but i dont know much about electricity other than what i learned in physics last year.

and also, if you own/have used this thing, how does it sound? What are its strong points? Will you please make a video and post it on youtube since according to google and youtube and even the rocktron website these things hardly/don't exist?
where did you get it for $20 is what id want to know!!!! also if you cant find a power supply made for it go to your local electronic store and get a universal power supply that fits anything. Hope i helped,