Okay, so I have a Behringer BX4500 head (rated 4 ohm minimum) and a BB4x10 cab (rated at 4 ohms). I want to add a 1x15 (8 ohms) and make it a full stack, but I cannot do that with this current amp because it will drop below 4 ohms total.

So what's my best option? I can get a power amp rated down to 2 ohms (such as the Europower 1500) and use that with both cabinets, right? But if I use that, should I get rid of the current head (because it would be redundant)? I already use a Bass POD pedal board for effects, so if I use a power amp to power the cabinets then I shouldn't need to bother with the BX4500 anymore, right?

Any comments on this? I mean, what do you do when you want to have 2 cabinets but your amp's ohms don't go low enough? Without being able to try it out beforehand, what kind of sound quality would I be looking at by using just the power amp and my effects board (or a pre-amp like a Sansamp) versus the BX4500 and the power amp together?

Please help! Thanks guys!
Personally, I bought an amp that I knew would be able to do what I would want it to do.

But anyway... I have no Idea how your power amp idea would sound but in theory it is a sound idea.

And if it was me, I'd be looking to get rid of that Behringer asap anyway.
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So you're thinking about dropping your head and just running a power amp? You'll need a DI box to do this or a rackmount preamp. You can use it without a preamp but you won't be able to dial in any tones and you will not get the full volume out of the amp.

Personally I'd look for a new bass amp head that can go to 2 ohms and start from there.

EDIT: I didn't look at specs but make sure that your cabs can handle the amount of wattage you'll be getting....since you understand the ohms thing this is probably obvious.
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I agree with gilly_90, buy an amp that will do exactly what you want it to do. If you're prepared to drop $300 on a power amp, you'd be much better off to save up, sell your current head and buy a head that can power two 4 ohm cabs. That will allow you the option of using the head's EQ in addition to the POD, instead of being dependent upon the POD as your preamp.
Sell the 4 ohm cab and replace it with an 8
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