Can anyone help me compare the sound of these basses? I have been looking at a Kingston MTD Z5 or a Musicman Bongo, but I've never been able to try out either one (they don't have them in my area). How do they compare, and how would they rate against a Musicman Stingray or a Warwick Corvette $$?

I play heavy rock bordering on metal, with some funk thrown in. Would a Bongo or MTD Z5 even be a decent match for my style, or are they more for jazz and funk applications?


- Josh
Played an MTD at the Pittsburgh guitar center. I absolutely loved the thing. If you can find a Tobias it's pretty similar just doesn't cost $3k.

I think the MTD would be fine for metal. It seemed to carry a great low end and played great.
If you cant try out bass's that expensive dont bother buying them, its too much money to loose on it. So travel and make a day out of it to try them.
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You should absolutely trying them out, especially when your talking about these price ranges. I can only offer my experience about these basses in general, but each model and each bass will play slightly different.

The MTDs are well made basses that carry low action right out of the box and pretty decent online electronics. They have great low end and clean high end. These basses are made in Korea so the cost is cut significantly but its the Tobais design and the construction is still very good. I personally tried MMs after hearing so many good things about them and did not like them nearly as much as I thought I would. I thought they were rather stiff and flat toned across the board. They seemed well made, good weights, decent basses though, just a bit more on the pricy side for what I felt I was getting out of it. The Warwicks were pretty nice solid basses, again, a bit in the higher price ranges. They had good lows through highs and built heavy. Probably the bass I would have gone with if I did not go with the MTD. You get what you pay for in these basses so price was a consideration.

In the end I went with the MTD based on its price and the playability and sound it offered (I play in a death metal band also). It also stood out the most amoung these others. You may also want to check out Spectors too based on what your looking for, they may also work for you.
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Go with the Warwick. You can never go wrong with a Warwick.
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Go with the Warwick. You can never go wrong with a Warwick.

Unless you hate the necks (like many do) and in that case you can go wrong with a Warwick.

I second what has already been said of the MTD's and personally that's my recommendation. They are very sold basses and unfortunately on UG they are extremely under exposed/appreciated.

So out of your options you gave I recommend the MTD, mainly because I personally am not a fan of the feel on Music Man basses, though you may be, so keep searching and see if you can find a Bongo to test.

Though as another recommendation I say that you look at other options, in that price you're getting into the Ibanez Prestige series or a Spector Euro series both of which are amazing quality and easily get the sound you're looking for. Just a thought
The MTD basses that I've tried have all played very well. I'd prefer that they have position markers on the fretboards, but at those prices it isn't a deal-breaker since one could always have position markers inlaid into the fretboard later. The quality seems very good, and most of them certainly look very good.

The Music Man Bongo Bass is a very well made bass. I think the Stingray and the Sterling both play better than the Bongo, but that is a matter of taste. Most bassists have a real all-or-nothing attitude toward the Bongo; mainly because of how it looks. They either love the thing or hate it with a passion. A lot of good players swear by the Bongo. I've also seen some very good deals on them from time to time.

The Warwicks are nice basses to be sure, but they often have fat necks and are very, very heavy. The quality is first-rate, and they sound particularly good.

At those prices, you are going to have to try them all and see which one you prefer the most. For the money and the playability, I'd probably go with the MTD.