I've never had any desire to write my own stuff until now. I find myself capable of playing my own stuff in keyboards, guitar and bass.

However, I have 0 experience on drums and other types of persucussion. I'm latin, so some ideas I have in my head, I was thinking of adding maybe congas, bongos or timbales.

Although it is in my head, I'm not sure how to get it out of there. I need to learn some theory on percussion, or maybe take some drum lessons or I dunno, so I'm asking you where do I begin?

PS. I have software by the way. The problem is not understanding the software.
You might check out youtube for tutorials on how to program drums, or maybe there is even a specific video for software you are using.
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Are you familiar with basic music theory when it comes to rhythm - counting, time signatures, subdividing the beat, etc? If so, this completely transfers over to percussion.

I'd start out by taking some simple rock songs that you like, and transcribing the drums. Ignore the fills for now, and just concentrate on the main beat for now - and then only the most commonly used instruments in rock - bass, snare, open and closed hi-hat and cymbals. That should give you a good start in transferring the rhythm knowledge you have for other instruments to the drums and figuring out what's going on.

My main instrument has always been the guitar. But 6 years before I started playing, I was bought a drum machine for a birthday. I did exactly what I'm suggesting you do, dozens of songs over the years. That helped me so much when it came to the guitar in that I already knew the basics of rhythm and had that awareness of rhythm right from the start.
well i write all my songs in guitar pro, and i export to midi keys and drums, then i'll pass it to another software and then i change the midi sounds for vsts, my advice is to do the same, write the drums in guitar pro, you should look for drumbooks with basic latin rhythms, and transcribe them to gp... other thing you can do is to look for drummers and percussionists... xD
well, if it's your standard, full kit style, drumming then the best way to get it down for me is to start with your tempo keeper (hi-hat, ride, whatever) and then fill in the rest. And make sure you understand rhythms, timing, tempo, all that.