So i bought this warrior body completly striped. the original owner says that it originally had a JT580 which i hear is about the the same as an OFR, just cheaper and lesser quality but still not a terrible trem.

now what i want to know is whether i can just buy an OFR or a LO-Pro and just shove it in or do i have to get it sized and then find specs and such things like that.

i also dont know if i can put a Lo-pro in there. i dont think that i can but itd be nice if i could.
I would've thought they're the same size, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
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A lo-pro and OFR are a bit different. You can't swap them for eachother because the lo-pro is more squarish.

Looking at a JT580, it "looks" like an OFR can fit in there.
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alright then ty. im either gonna buy a schaller or a real OFR now. which ever is cheaper