So I found a half-off CD sale today, and stocked up on new music. But my question is how many of you actually still buy CDs, and don't download?
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I'll buy some, but I get quite a bit for free. Legally, though.
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This exact thread was made last week.

And I like to have something tangible when I buy something. When my computer crashes, I still want to be able to listen to music
i buy cds from bands i like and know i like. if i try to branch out my interests i just download or look on youtube.

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I buy CD's I think downloadings gay because you usually just get what you've heard on the radio.
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Edit: I'm pretty sure a thread like this was made last week, I still buy searchbars, though.
I try and buy cd's as often as I can. the only times I'll download is when its either something new that I want to know whether i like it or not, or if its from an artist i really dont care about financially supporting, like rappers. otherwise, I always buy the cd both so i can have a tangible version, and so that i can support the bend, being that a lot of bands that i'm listening to could definately use the money
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i have a lot of cds, so when my comp crashes i just put them all back on. crashed recently though ;_;
I've only owned one CD my whole life. A Best Of of Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff (I was five years old don't hurt me). Been an illegal mp3 ***** ever since.
I haven't bought a physical CD in about 2 years.

I just download from Amazon. Cheaper, and I just archive all the files on an external hard drive so that I can recover them later if my comp crashes.
I still buy CDs. I've got around 300 of them.
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I still get 'em.

If they're cheap.

I download when I don't have enough money, but when I do buy something, it's always a CD.
They feel more real than a file that could disappear if my computer crashed, and I have better things to do than make backups. Plus, the album covers/inserts are nicer to look at in real life, rather than on a screen.
i buy cd's all the time, someone has to.

buying cd's makes it more likely that the band will make more music
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I buy cds. Sometimes I download from iTunes, but that's about it.

I prefer being able to hold some kind of physical object in my hand (ooh, innuendo) when I buy music, so I like to buy cd's. I do download off of itunes occasionally, if it's a cd where buying it would require I import it and spend an arm and a leg for the privilege.
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I buy CDs from amazon quite a lot. I only download from Itunes if it's impossible to find on amazon or it's way too expensive.
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I've stopped buying CDs and started buying MP3s (horrible file size compared to ripping it how you want) and then burning the songs onto a CD.