ok so im thinking about getting an envelope filter/auto wah/funky sorta pedal in the near future when i get some more money. i saw the digitech synth wah, and the EHX micro q-tron and i listend to some demos and really like how they sound, but i was wondering which one i should go for. the synth wah is 70$ er sumthin like that and the q tron is 80$ i think. thanks guys! oh and i play thru an Epi valve junior half stack
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The q tron is very nice but I never worked with the micro. The original is very good and tweakable.
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Q Tron fo sho. One of the best envelope filters ever.
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Digitech is pretty hit and miss i terms of tone/quality, so if i had to blindly buy something i'd rather go with the EHX. I've only heard a short clip though.
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