What is the deal with the whole Line 6 Spider lll amps? Most people talk shit about them and that they are a waste of a power outlet. I for one have a Spider and I enjoy it. Has tons of song presets and lots of combinations. Another one is the whole bass=10 mid=0 treble=10. I always have that setting unless i'm doing some solo's then i turn the treb to about 6. Please someone fill me in. I am in no way a smart ass or think i know everything i just want to know about these things so i don't embarass myself if i was put in a position to either why i have that amp or why i use those settings.
I have one too. Don't see what the big problem is they're pretty good amps for the money.
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It's not a bad amp, it's just that you can save up a little longer for an amp that's a million times better.

exactly. If you take them as they are, without comparing them to other amps' price/quality, then they're decent. But most people would compare amps before they buy one.
They're ok practice amps, but they seriously have horrible tone. Compare it to something that costs just a bit more (and some stuff that costs the same) and it gets blown out of the water.
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I'm not trolling chill out bro i'm just looking for some info cripes. But i always thought if i would get a marshall or peavey that to get the tones i would want i would have to buy pedals which are at least $100 a pop so thats even more money.