I know of the Lehle boxes, but I can't see myself spending a couple hundred bucks on something so simple. What are some good switchers that don't kill the wallet?
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The cheaper ones are typically passive ones that are noisier and suck a bit of tone due to loading. Loopmaster should have a reasonably priced one if you can't solder.
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I use 3 Morley ABY boxes. Not the best, but they are the best of the ones under 100. I paid 50 a piece for mine at GC.
Radial Tonebone A/B/Y
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damn, i bet the tone bone is good. i use a whirlwind optical switcher, it's good
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Tbh I've never noticed any significant tone sucking or bleed using passive switchers, at least not enough to justify spending £100+ on a more advanced one...
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Radial Tonebone A/B/Y


Had a morley A/b for awhile...not very quiet switching between amps (worked fine for my stereo rig...because I used both amps at the same time)...switched to a radial to change between my clean and dirty amp and never looked back. You can get them pretty cheap on ebay/CL too.
Loop Master.
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