Hello again UG, I've recently had my guitar (Schecter Hellraiser C-1 string through) to have its truss rod adjusted so it can cope with thick strings to play in Drop B.

The question is... Since I've had the truss rod adjusted for Drop B, would tuning up to Drop C to play a few songs damage my guitars neck? Also would tuning down to Drop Bb do any damage?

The string set is 12-56 by the way, and yes it's in Drop B at the moment, not standard .

Thanks in advance.

If it's in the wrong section, I'll say sorry now.
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It should be fine. A little more tension wont make much difference, and if you're mainly leaving it in Drop B it should be ok without getting it set up again.
i used to go through the same dilemma
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Phew, I'm happy that I wont have to do any more adjustments to play some songs in Drop C or Bb.

@littlephil - Thanks for the info! +1

@Chevelle454 - I'm glad I'm not the only person.