So, I'll be auditioning for College Scholarships soon (Not really soon, but I like to get a headstart on, you know, the rest of my life.)

I was looking at Stageagent.com for a while, and they really didn't have much variety.

Then I tried Actorpoint. They have a TON of monologues, but they have this annoying thing where every few monologues you view, it makes you "complete one of the following offers to continue." And it asks for my phone number, and keeps going on and on and I just don't wanna deal with it.

So, anybody have any other sites? It'd be greatly appreciated.
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There are some decent guide books that are really useful. I just had 2 auditions back in November and have more coming up this year for acting courses. Do they ask for one verse piece? cos that's what killed me in mine. I did a mash-up from Pvt. Wars and then had to do a Romeo one. Some good ones I saw were Biff from Salesman, the Porter from Macbeth (good for getting a verse piece out of the way) and some rant about terrorism. Good luck, bro.