Hi, there is this quite common sweep picking shape that I can't quite figure out.

:-------3-------------------------3---- this is Xenochrist and also the sweep at the start of
:----------2-------------------2------- the Necrophagist Stabwound solo uses it too

What fingers should I be using for each note?
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pinky pulloff to 1, then middle finger for 3, index for 2, middle for 3 again and pinky for 5.

edit: that's just a 5 string minor sweep pattern with and added 7th i think. No it isn't lol, with an added Db i need to work on my chord construction. Sharp 7th, thats it.
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Okay, thanks. That's gonna take a lot of practise haha

Haha no worries, practice slow and patiently. Sweep takes a while.
Personally I use my ring finger for the B string note, but only on the 4, 5, and 6 string variants.