Epiphone Les Paul? Gibson Les Paul?

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I have played the Greg Bennett LP copies and the Hagstrom LP cpoies they are good guitars but on the same level of Epis, not Gibsons. Michael Kelly guitars are in that same range as an Epi. Very nice guitars IMO. If you want an LP copy that really is on the same level as an upper end Epi go with an Agile, amazing guitars for the money. Mine has a set of Gibson Classic 57s and I would put it up to most Gibsons I have owned.

Your best bet is to try some out although Hagstroms are not very popular and a lot of shops do not carry them. I think I might have only played a dozen new ones in my life but several dozen used ones. I have no idea where people buy them. LOL I have played less Greg Bennett LP copies they seem to be even less popular and hard to find. There are a lot of LP copies out there that are great some no name brands I have tried were very surprising as far as feel, playability and sound. Still I am sure a simple pup swap would make these guitars competitors with a lot of well known brands for a fraction of the cost. If you like the LP shape try any brand and see what you like. I try anything I like the looks of some are junk some are decent but every now and then you come across a few that are just amazing you have to buy.

I actually want a Hagstrom Ultra Swede myself but haven't found one I really like and for the price I want to pay.

I want this exact one:


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I like the look of LP the most ... I haven't played many electric guitar so cant make out much of a difference between most of them & that's the main reason i seek out for help ... lols ...
So what is it that you actually check to know the quality of guitar ?