Ok guys this dude lately offered me a Japanese Fender Strat by internet.. i havent seen the guitar yet.. only the pics
too bad those are in a site not available for anyone not registered... a dumb Russian site... whatever...

Help me to find out if it's a real Fender!

So the thing is that A. he didnt say the price but said it's a surprise (it's cheap as hell).. He's somekinda my drummer... well the new drummer.. we played a couple of times and havent met for a month or two

B. is that i dont trust this guy at all... i aint sure if it's a fender at all...
C. is that it doesnt look like the usual strats and that is the main reason of this thread

ok here we go
i'll describe it's most unusual parts

first he said it's about 10 year old

hmm what cought my eye when i saw it first is that The neck aint it's original (if it's a fender body however) ... the head stock is not in the exact shape that fender uses on the strats. plus no Fender logo on it :p the tunig pegs are rectangular (not rounded a bit in the right part. plus the truss rod whole is covered which is unusual for Fenders as long as i know

than the vol is not in it's place.. the knob is in the switches place and the pickup switch is like on those jaguars/jazzmasters (three separate switches for each single coil... located near the lowest horn)

the bridge is a fixed bridge (not like those traditional vintage style trems) it aint neck through either.. it's covered by a plate like humbucker cover... hmm the neck plate aint having the logo of fender neither the serial number. ( i think those old fenders had it on the plate??)

the edges of the body aint sharp.. but aint smooth either... the neck's wood doesnt look that good at all... it's dark.. not maple for sure.. hmm may be some other wood...

ANYTHING regarding of identifying a fender would be appreciated... Like serial nubmers neck, traditional parts that never change... well you gto the idea

thanx and sorry for grammar.. English aint my native and im kinda hurry
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Take a screenshot of the website and post the pictures. We can't really help you unless we can see it.
It doesn't sound promising though, a non-fender neck on a strange body doesn't exactly scream 'legit'.
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Serial numbers are located either behind the headstock or in the neck pocket. Some Japanese Fender guitars don't have serial numbers but ALL of them have the Fender logo on the headstock.
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ok i guess i found it out.. it's a fake one... im 99.99% sure...
he said it cost about 140 bux... ouch? and he didn't have any serial numbers... im like then how can you prove it's original?? he's like well you dont expect for such a low price and blah...
heh whatsoever THANX EVERYBODY!!! hey btw what i said in my first post.. are those really good First-symptoms of fake Strats or something?? :p

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Serial number. Its should be on the back of the headstock, ask him for it.

Serial numbers are hardly a mark of authenticity since they are so easy to copy.
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heh whatsoever THANX EVERYBODY!!! hey btw what i said in my first post.. are those really good First-symptoms of fake Strats or something?? :p

Yeah...no Fender logo and a body that doesn't look like a strat